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Our various production facilities enable us to consistently meet our customers’ needs and expectations. We ensure rapid delivery directly from production, complemented by tailor-made solutions crafted by our engineers.

Cold Rolling Facility

Meever & Meever specializes in supplying steel sheet piling, welded and seamless steel tubes, pipe structures, and anchorage systems. As manufacturer, we provide various sheet pile options which come partly from our own production. Our in-house manufacturing and fabrication capabilities enable us to tailor production and supply to meet the specific requirements of your projects. We believe that teamwork and a continuous search for efficiency in our designs are essential to our success.

Tubes & Pipes and Steel Structures

When it comes to pipes, combi-piles, mooring piles, or construction work in the foundation industry and water engineering, we are the supplier to cooperate with. We provide pipes suited for various applications and specialize in the production of heavy-wall, large-diameter pipes and pipe structures. We offer additional in-house services including supplying coatings and welded parts, with welding capabilities that meet the NEN1090 – EXC 4 standards.

Anchorage Systems

We design and manufacture anchorage systems featuring both hollow and solid bars. Various (custom) options are available for connecting the Anchor to the construction in the form of nuts, plates, anchor seats, etc. The system is produced with base pipes in steel quality E500/700 and a minimum impact value of 27J at -20 ⁰C. We have a wide range of available diameters and wall thicknesses, with segment lengths adjustable to meet specific project requirements. Additionally, we supply suitable and sufficient coupling sleeves and nuts for each type of anchor.


Meever & Meever specializes in producing and supplying steel sheet piling, as well as welded and seamless steel tubes. Additionally, we offer rental services for piling equipment and produce anchorage systems. We believe that collaboration with our customers is a fundamental component of our success.

Global Steel producer and stockist

Meever & Meever is a large international company that supplies high-quality steel products to construction companies, governments and contractors worldwide. We provide them with the most modern (innovative) construction machinery and construction concepts for steel foundation methods and state-of-the-art engineering and product advice.



Location: Denmark
Type of service: Sheet Piles


Location: St Vincent and the Grenadines
Type of service: Combined Walls, Sheet Piles, Steel Tubes

Building and creating a sustainable, profitable future together

Integrating sustainable developments, smart steel solutions and innovative construction concepts is crucial for surpassing our clients’ expectations and improve the quality of our living environment. We are committed to sustainability, steel product recycling and reducing CO2 emissions as our primary objectives.

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