Meever & Meever delivered in the last years combined walls to several project throughout the world. Within our organization we are able to produce and deliver a fully equipped combined wall which means; Sheet piles, Pipes or H piles , Corner sections and anchors. For this reason we are always able to come up with a most cost efficient combined wall structure.


The combination of Sheet piles, pipes , H – Pile and anchors are used. Because of the mechanical properties H-piles often are driven in the ground for deep foundation applications or in the construction of buildings and bridges. H-piles can also be used in combination with sheet piles to achieve a much more stiffness and bending resistance in retaining walls and structures. Sheet pile in combination with pipes are also used in conjunction to achieve more stiffness and bending resistance when forming a construction together. The pipes are welded on 2 sides of the flange to connect with the sheet piles. Feel free to contact us for any technical questions about combined walls.
Meever & Meever is your absolute partner for any combined wall.