Steel sheet piles are the construction materials to retain water and soil for all types of ground, port and waterway constructions.
Meever & Meever offers you all types of hot rolled U shaped Larssen Piles & all Z shaped piles. Within our technical department we are able to re-calculate and adjust specifications with sheet piles, Anchors, tubes and beams to optimize the use of materials and considering the requirements of the tender. At our stock locations in Poland, Germany , Spain, The Netherlands, U.A.E and the U.S.A we offer value adding services like; anti-corrosion coating, pairing, welding, clamping, applying interlock sealants and even lengths >35.000 mm are not an issue.
For applications were water tightness is essential Meever & Meever supplies Pilelock, which is a paint to be applied in the interlocks and in contact with water it swells up to 20 times its original volume which provides a 100% water tightness of the interlock. Meever & Meever offers a large variety of corners and junctions. For combined walls, we deliver besides sheet piles also tubes, Anchors, beams and connectors.
By keeping large stocks worldwide we can provide flexibility in deliveries and an optimal service.Besides our stock of sheet piles we have a stock of various types of corner sections.

Project Engineering
With our inhouse engineering service we can provide the most cost efficient solution by combining our products of sheet piles, anchors and steel pipes together.