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Hollow Threaded Anchor Bar

The hollow threaded anchor bar operates, just as the name says, on the principle of featuring a hollow tube with thread running along its entire length. This thread is cold-rolled onto the seamless pipe during its production. Using a suitable drill head, this tube can be drilled into any possible base. The continuous thread allows for the use of coupling sleeves, enabling the constant connection of pipe segments until the desired depth is achieved.

During the installation process, the hollow tube serves as both a drill and injection tube. In the final phase, it functions as a tensile, compression, and reinforcement element. A bond is established between the grout body, the surrounding soil layers, and the hollow tube, creating a foundation element capable of supporting tensile, compressive, and cyclic loads.

Various customization options are available for connecting the anchor to the construction, including nuts, plates, anchor seats, etc.

The system is produced with base pipes in steel quality E500/700 and a minimum impact value of 27J at -20 ⁰C. We have a wide range of available diameters and wall thicknesses, with segment lengths adjustable to meet specific project requirements. Additionally, we supply suitable and sufficient coupling sleeves and nuts for each type of anchor.


Through a Life Cycle Assessment calculation, our HTAB anchor systems have achieved a MKI score of 72/100 sustainability compared to the results of the Dutch Environmental Database. These calculations were performed by an independent and certified third party after which a second verification also took place.

With this MKI score based on the LCA calculation, our customers can be confident that they are getting a product that not only meets current quality standards, but also contributes to sustainable production and application of materials.

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