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Steel Sheet Piles

Steel sheet piles are the construction materials to retain water and soil for all types of ground, port and waterway constructions.

Meever & Meever provides a comprehensive range of hot rolled and cold formed sheet piles in various shapes and sizes, including U, Z, omega, and trench profiles. With our production facilities and extensive stock locations around the world, we are always able to suit the projects’ needs best.

All our steel sheet piles are manufactured in accordance with the latest certifications and standards to ensure the highest quality possible. We maintain a steadfast focus on fostering a sustainable and profitable future together.

At our various stock locations across the world, we offer value adding services like; anti-corrosion coating, pairing, welding, clamping, applying interlock sealants and even lengths of >35.000 mm are not an issue at Meever & Meever. By keeping large stocks worldwide, we can provide flexibility in deliveries and an optimal service.


In the case of a temporary project, Meever & Meever also offers buy-back options. In the case of a buy-back solution, we will sell the sheet piles to our customer with a upon agreed price for which we will buy the sheet piles back after a certain period. This can be a profitable solution for our customer when the duration of a temporary project is quite long. Additionally, it ensures that the sheet piles can be reused in future Meever & Meever projects, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of our steel products.

Project Engineering

With our in-house engineering service, we can provide the most cost-efficient solutions using custom-made products from our own production facilities.

Meever & Meever is a large international company that supplies high-quality steel products to construction companies, governments, and contractors worldwide. We provide them with the most modern (innovative) construction machinery and construction concepts for steel foundation methods and state-of-the-art engineering and product advice.

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