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Seamless Steel Tubes

Seamless steel tubes, as the name implies, are tubes manufactured without any weld or seam. This characteristic renders seamless tubes particularly suitable for high-pressure projects, making them ideal for applications with stringent demands.

The production process involves heating a steel billet to elevated temperatures in an oven, enabling the creation of a cylindrical hollow. This hollow is formed using a rotary piercer and rollers.

Seamless tubes find prominent use in machine/equipment construction, the petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, structural engineering, high-pressure cylinders, and the automotive industry.


In a world that is rapidly evolving with a strong emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions, Meever & Meever strives to stay ahead by offering smart steel solutions. Our tailor-made and in-house produced steel products are crafted with the specific needs and requirements of each project in mind, ensuring we provide the most suitable solutions for our customers. Coupled with our latest sustainable developments, we deliver steel products that require less material or utilize recycled steel, while still meeting the exact demands and specifications of our customers.

Optional Services

  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT)
    Ultrasonic testing
    Magnetic testing
    Radiographic examination (X-ray or gamma ray)
  • Destructive testing (DO)
    Tensile test
    Chemical Analysis 
    Impact test
  • Drilling head; design Meever, also possible with a large injection lance
  • Bell ends
  • Footplates
  • Various welding options (e.g. mooring post attributes)
  • Coating/galvanizing 
  • CE-marking

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