Meever & Meever


Building and creating a sustainable, profitable future together

Integrating sustainable developments, smart steel solutions and innovative construction concepts is crucial for surpassing our clients’ expectations and improve the quality of our living environment. We are committed to sustainability, steel product recycling and reducing CO2 emissions as our primary objectives.

Integration of sustainable developments

Within all our production facilities we are constantly working on the development of the production process with the reduction of CO2 as one of the main goals. By continuously enhancing the operational procedures within our facilities, we commit to achieving the highest standards in sustainable development. We do this on every level; from the production process itself, to the operating process within the office.


In a world that is rapidly evolving with a strong emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions, Meever & Meever strives to stay ahead by offering smart steel solutions. Our tailor-made and in-house produced steel products are crafted with the specific needs and requirements of each project in mind, ensuring we provide the most suitable solutions for our customers. Coupled with our latest sustainable developments, we deliver steel products that require less material or utilize recycled steel, while still meeting the exact demands and specifications of our customers.

Construction concepts

At Meever & Meever we aim to be a stakeholder within the process of a project. We actively contribute to the construction concepts of our customers by providing expert advice on our steel piling products and suggesting ways to enhance the process. In essence, we deliver more than just our products; we provide knowledge and support for greener solutions, complemented by our tailor-made products.


With more than 50 years of experience we have always put our words into action. This is proven by the various certifications that we have at Meever & Meever. These certifications show our constant focus on building and creating a sustainable, profitable future together and shows that we will continue doing so. Together we can make a change.