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Interlock Sealant

With a constant focus on made to measure solutions in the back of our minds we, at Meever, offer various types of interlock sealants. Each one of them has their own specifics and advantages, but they all have the same result: a watertight sheet pile wall. Considering the specific wishes and requirements of each project, our specialists are able to find the perfect match.

Our products in use

Meever Expanding Seal

The Meever Expanding Seal is a swelling sealant designed to create watertight sheet pile joints. This hydrophilic swelling sealant has a polyurethane (PU) base and it expands up to 350% of its original volume when in contact with moist. The sealant is easy to use at the jobs site and can be applied directly in the sheet piling interlock. 


PileLock is the best option when the sealing needs to be completely waterproof. This product expands up to 20 times its original volume when it comes into contact with water, enabling a waterproof solution.

Pertex Bituminous filling

This type of interlock sealing is very interesting from an economic point of view and significantly reduces leaking.

Lifting Hole Seals

The Lifting Hole Seals of Meever are a fast and easy to use system to close the lifting holes of the sheet piles. 

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