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Solid Threaded Anchor Bar

This system consists of a solid round steel rod, which is threaded along its entire length. The thread is cold rolled onto the rod during the production process. The continuous thread allows for connecting bar segments to the desired length using coupling sleeves.

This substantial system can be installed in the ground through a drilling process using single or double casing tubes, or it can function as an anchor between a quay wall and anchor wall construction.

As an option, the system can be configured with double corrosion protection, involving the placement of a plastic casing around the steel rod, which is then injected with grout. This process occurs under controlled conditions, resulting in, in principle, an infinite lifespan.

Various (tailor-made) options exist for connecting the anchor rod to the construction, such as nuts, plates, anchor seats, etc.

The system is offered in two steel qualities (s355 and s500) and a wide range of diameters. The ability to optimize the bar diameter down to the millimeter allows for avoiding unnecessary steel usage, promoting the careful and efficient use of raw materials. This feature makes our STAB system advantageous for both cost- and environmentally conscious anchoring.

Adequate coupling sleeves and nuts are provided for every diameter.


Through a Life Cycle Assessment calculation, our HTAB anchor systems have achieved a MKI score of 72/100 sustainability compared to the results of the Dutch Environmental Database. These calculations were performed by an independent and certified third party after which a second verification also took place.

With this MKI score based on the LCA calculation, our customers can be confident that they are getting a product that not only meets current quality standards, but also contributes to sustainable production and application of materials.

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