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Steel Tubes

Our steel tubes are used in a wide range of ground, road, and hydraulic engineering projects throughout Europe and beyond. . We maintain a diverse inventory of diameters and wall thicknesses, including seamless, longitudinally welded, and spirally welded options. This extensive selection allows us to promptly meet customer preferences and requirements, facilitating quick deliveries from our stock. Our tubes are ideal for numerous applications, including outrigger constructions, pipelines, noise barriers, and deep-founded flood defenses.

Meever supplies steel tubes compliant with DIN, NEN, or API standards. Upon request, we can provide any quality from our stock or through production, complete with CE-marking. We handle steel grades up to X80, S555, or L555. We deliver quickly and on your terms; with or without certificates. Typically, the steel tubes come with a 3.1/3.2 certificate or a material analysis 2.1 certificate. Our inventory includes a broad range of pipes, available as new, second choice, or used.

Smart Steel Solutions

In a rapidly changing world with a constant focus of the reduction of CO2 emissions we want to swim along with the current. We do so by providing our customers with smart steel solutions; tailor-made and in-house produced steel products. With the wishes and requirements of the project in mind, we are able to provide our customer with the best suitable solution and tailor-made product. Together with our latest sustainable developments we will deliver steel products in which less steel is needed, or the steel used is recycled, and still command to the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Optional Services

  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT)
    Ultrasonic testing
    Magnetic testing
    Radiographic examination (X-ray or gamma ray)
  • Destructive testing (DO)
    Tensile test
    Chemical Analysis 
    Impact test
  • Drilling head; design Meever, also possible with a large injection lance
  • Bell ends
  • Footplates
  • Various welding options (e.g. mooring post attributes)
  • Coating/galvanizing 
  • CE-marking

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