Meever & Meever

Trench Sheets

The trench sheets of Meever are designed and produced according to the customer’s specific demands. Trench sheets are used for the same piling purposes as sheet piles. The dimensions, weight and technical specifications of these sheet piles can match the exact specifications which are required in the building- and project plans.

To get the most optimum trench sheet we are able to modify any of our standard trench sheets into a trench sheet which is optimal designed to the particular needs of the project.


Watertight Solutions

With a constant focus on made to measure solutions in the back of our minds we, at Meever, offer various types of interlock sealants. Each one of them has their own specifics and advantages, but they all have the same result: a watertight sheet pile wall. Considering the specific wishes and requirements of each project, our specialists are able to find the perfect match.


In a world that is rapidly evolving with a strong emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions, Meever & Meever strives to stay ahead by offering smart steel solutions. Our tailor-made and in-house produced steel products are crafted with the specific needs and requirements of each project in mind, ensuring we provide the most suitable solutions for our customers. Coupled with our latest sustainable developments, we deliver steel products that require less material or utilize recycled steel, while still meeting the exact demands and specifications of our customers.

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